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    18 Pricey And Rare He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe Toys

    The lesson here is that you NEVER should've opened and played with your toys.

    1. Prince Adam

    Ebay / Via Ebay

    Although not completely rare, He-Man's royal alter ego can command a pretty penny on eBay. A mint condition figure in a box goes for as much $350, while a loose figure goes for as much as $47.

    2. Clamp Champ

    Ebay / Via Ebay

    One of the final figures released from the original toy line, this figure -- who never appeared on the cartoon series -- goes for around $190 for mint in the box.

    3. Flying Fists He-Man

    Ebay / Via Ebay

    Mint in the box this ass-kicking He-Man goes for around $150.

    4. Scare Glow

    Ebay / Via Ebay

    While Skeletor's ghost warrior Scare Glow never appeared on the original animated series, he nonetheless remains a popular toy among collectors. A loose figure can fetch around $55, while a figure mint in the box goes for around $500.

    5. Battle Armor He-Man and Road Ripper Gift Set

    Ebay / Via Ebay

    These awesome gift set goes for a mere $650.

    6. Mosquitor

    Ebay / Via Ebay

    How cool was this toy! His chest pumped blood. BLOOD. Also, he is not cheap, a mint condition figure goes for around $400.

    7. Roboto

    Ebay / Via Ebay

    This minor, but cool character, goes for about $130.

    8. Snake Face

    Ebay / Via Ebay

    This badass figure was actually released after the series had ended and was released as a tie-in to the He-Man mini-comic. A loose figure runs about $57, while a figure mint in the box will goes for around $225.

    9. Faker

    Ebay / Via Ebay

    He-Man's evil doppelgänger goes for around $295 for a mint in the box figure, while a loose figure goes for as low $30.

    10. Ninjor

    Ebay / Via Ebay

    I had no idea they even introduced a ninja warrior! You can pick him up for around $275.

    11. Dragstor

    Ebay / Via Ebay

    This wannabe Transformer well set you back $115.

    12. Gwildor

    Ebay / Via Ebay

    Probably one of the lamest figures in the MOTU line, this figure -- which was an attempt to tie-in the toy line to the live-action He-Man film -- goes for around $100 for a mint condition figure in the box, while a loose figure goes for as low as $20.

    13. The Sorceress

    Ebay / Via Ebay

    Believe it or not, this is one of only three female action figures produced for the He-Man toy line (of course, this is excluding the She-Ra toy line). A figure in mint condition goes for around $80.

    14. Twistoid


    One the most unique and rarest figures produced for the He-Man line. Released well after the TV series had ended, his design was more or less a less a last ditch effort to keep kids interested in the line. A loose figure goes for around a $185, while a toy mint in box goes for about $305.

    15. Twistoid Mini Comic

    Ebay / Via Ebay

    So OK, not a toy, but Twistoid's mini comic (that came with the figure) goes for $65. This is just how rare Twistoid is!

    16. Eternia

    Ebay / Via Ebay

    This play set is like an urban legend, produced at tale end of He-Man’s popularity, it was the largest MOTU play set ever to be produced by Mattel. While they occasionally pop on eBay, a complete mint condition set is hard to come by, but an incomplete one in OK condition will set you back about $530.

    17. Laser Light Skeletor

    Ebay / Via Ebay

    This amazing figure was never sold in the States, it was produced in 1988, long after the series and toy line had lost its popularity in North America. A loose figure (in good condition) goes for around $483, while a mint condition in the box figure goes for $1,300.

    18. Savage He-Man

    Ebay / Via Ebay

    The rarest He-Man figure ever produced, Savage He-Man was produced as a promotional mail-in offer for Wonder Bread. A loose figure in decent condition starts at $1,000.