18 Pricey And Rare He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe Toys

The lesson here is that you NEVER should’ve opened and played with your toys.

1. Prince Adam

Although not completely rare, He-Man’s royal alter ego can command a pretty penny on eBay. A mint condition figure in a box goes for as much $350, while a loose figure goes for as much as $47.

2. Clamp Champ

One of the final figures released from the original toy line, this figure — who never appeared on the cartoon series — goes for around $190 for mint in the box.

3. Flying Fists He-Man

Mint in the box this ass-kicking He-Man goes for around $150.

4. Scare Glow

While Skeletor’s ghost warrior Scare Glow never appeared on the original animated series, he nonetheless remains a popular toy among collectors. A loose figure can fetch around $55, while a figure mint in the box goes for around $500.

5. Battle Armor He-Man and Road Ripper Gift Set

These awesome gift set goes for a mere $650.

6. Mosquitor

How cool was this toy! His chest pumped blood. BLOOD. Also, he is not cheap, a mint condition figure goes for around $400.

7. Roboto

This minor, but cool character, goes for about $130.

8. Snake Face

This badass figure was actually released after the series had ended and was released as a tie-in to the He-Man mini-comic. A loose figure runs about $57, while a figure mint in the box will goes for around $225.

9. Faker

He-Man’s evil doppelgänger goes for around $295 for a mint in the box figure, while a loose figure go for as low $30.

10. Ninjor

I had no idea they even introduced a ninja warrior! You can pick him up for around $275.

11. Dragstor

This wannabe Transformer well set you back $115.

12. Gwildor

Probably one of the lamest figures in the MOTU line, this figure — which was an attempt to tie-in the toy line to the live-action He-Man film — goes for around $100 for a mint condition figure in the box, while a loose figure goes for as low as $20.

13. The Sorceress

Believe it or not, this is one of only three female action figures produced for the He-Man toy line (of course, this is excluding the She-Ra toy line). A figure in mint condition goes for around $80.

14. Twistoid


One the most unique and rarest figures produced for the He-Man line. Released well after the TV series had ended, his design was more or less a less a last ditch effort to keep kids interested in the line. A loose figure goes for around a $185, while a toy mint in box goes for about $305.

15. Twistoid Mini Comic

So OK, not a toy, but Twistoid’s mini comic (that came with the figure) goes for a $65. This is just how rare Twistoid is!

16. Eternia

This play set is like an urban legend, produced at tale end of He-Man’s popularity, it was the largest MOTU play set ever to be produced by Mattel. While they occasional pop on eBay, a complete mint condition set is hard to come by, but an incomplete one in OK condition will set you back about $530.

17. Laser Light Skeletor

This amazing figure was never sold in the States, it was produced in 1988, long after the series and toy line had lost its popularity in North America. A loose figure (in good condition) goes for around $483, while a mint condition in the box figure goes for $1,300.

18. Savage He-Man

The rarest He-Man figure ever produced, Savage He-Man was produced as a promotional mail-in offer for Wonder Bread. A loose figure in decent condition starts at $1,000.

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