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18 Pictures That'll Make Anyone Who Grew Up Shady, Side-Eye With Approval

Recess was always tea time.

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1. When you spent 90% of your school day doing this:


2. And lived for the rare moments like this:


3. When your classmates knew who had the REAL TEA:

4. When you'd pull a sneak move to get the deets:

5. When you knew to give zero fucks about jealous haters:

#GrowingUpShady walking into a room full of people you know don't like you

6. When you couldn't hide your dislike for someone, even if they were nice to you:


7. When you and your BFF developed your own shady code/language...


8. ...and basically made it into an art form:

9. When you and your BFF didn't even need to talk to throw shade:


10. When your disdain for someone was put to the ULTIMATE test:

11. When you were forced to work on a project with someone you hated and had to make sure people knew how you felt:


12. When you were trying to stay out of drama, but then heard some A+ gossip:

13. When you couldn't resist making a face anytime you saw someone you hated get rewarded in class:


14. When something bad happened to someone you hated and you'd have to fight back the tears of joy:

#Growingupshady When you pretend to feel sorry for someone but in the inside you are so happy

15. When you'd make promises you knew you had NO intention of keeping:

16. When you had to fight with every fiber of your being not to call out a friend when they said something stupid:

17. When you had fresh gossip and just couldn't wait to tell your friends:

18. And finally, when someone would try to tell you gossip, but it was old news to you:


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