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    18 Jokes About "Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace" That'll Remind You That Nobody Likes That Movie

    "Once more, with even less feeling." —George Lucas to every actor in Phantom Menace.


    Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace. #ForceFriday


    Watching Phantom Menace for the first time in more than a decade and OH MY GOD HOW DID ANYONE LET THE JAR JAR BINKS THING HAPPEN?


    if anything the film that brexit should be compared to is the phantom menace. It's all about trade deals that no one understands, the plot is stupid and confusing and the whole thing just makes you angry


    "Once more, with even less feeling." - George Lucas to every actor in Phantom Menace.


    Trade wars are good and easy to win? That's a hard sell to people who still have memories of The Phantom Menace which taught us they are in fact tedious and boring.


    Oh my actual complete and utter heavens. The Phantom Menace. This can’t be true. I’m slowly suffocating with embarrassment.


    people forget jar jar binks successfully won a senatorial campaign in-between phantom menace and attack of the clones


    The Phantom Menace tried to teach a generation of kids about trade war but did they listen?


    When you realize you ruined The Phantom Menace


    Me: Ugh. The Phantom Menace is on TV. It's the worst! Me to Me: You're going to watch all of it, aren't you? Me: Yes. :(


    'Pleasure and pain can be experienced simultaneously,' he grinned, handing her a slice of pizza as they watched The Phantom Menace.


    I never got to release my director's cut of "The Phantom Menace." It was 3 hours of nothing but pod racing. There goes my Oscar.


    after the disaster that was star wars episode i: the phantom menace, most film franchises have shied away from having a character named "qui-gon"


    Came home to find me my kids watching (and enjoying) The Phantom Menace. Cutting them out of my will.


    The Phantom Menace is a mess, but Darth Maul is so cool. Sucks he couldn't be in a better movie, like Training Day or Rumble in the Bronx.


    I'm tempted to make The Phantom Menace the first movie I watch on D+ just so I can make one of their technicians laugh.



    Director of The Phantom Menace says today’s movies lack substance