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17 Ridiculously Sexist Vintage Ads

I guess in the 1950s the best way to advertise to women was through misogyny!

1. I'm surprised her husband allowed her to drive by herself.

2. God forbid you wake up with morning breath, or worse yet, without a full face of makeup.

3. Wait, what are they advertising?


4. Ladies, remember this: Keeping a man is as easy as being a REALLY good cook.

5. Why get her a gift she would enjoy?

6. Forget that whole love and trust thing, it's all about how you cook!


LOL this copy. I guess every little girl grows up dreaming of serving a man!

7. I'm guessing he filed for divorce the following day.


Remember successful marriages start in the kitchen.

8. Does she have horrible morning sickness? Then get her Mornidine, because your wife should be cooking you breakfast, not lying in bed sick while carrying your child!

9. Go ahead and spray her down with water, she's a woman and doesn't care.

10. Obviously it's more important to have nicer hands than it is to be good at your job.

11. Nothing says love like body-shaming your teenage daughter.

12. Why put that extra money you saved into a savings account, when you can put it toward an undergarment that literally makes you uncomfortable all day long.

13. This is insulting on so many levels, and, of course, she can't even get off the phone. :(

14. I guess nothing puts a woman in her place like a tie?

15. OK, this Van Heusen guy has some real serious issues.

16. Women, don't forget men are better! Except at home, where we need you to cook or else we would literally starve to death.

17. OMFG! Lady leave this man ASAP.


And pull a Bernie Harris from Waiting to Exhale and burn all of his shit on your way out.

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