17 Times Ashley Tisdale Had Some Very Early 2000s Fashion Moments


    1. The time she wore this homage to "Lady Marmalade" and paired it with the quintessential '00s staple, a Coach bag:

    2. The time she paired a Coach bag with another piece of iconic early Y2K clothing: drawstring camo cargo pants:

    3. The time she rocked this "Tinker Bell goes out to a fancy dinner" outfit:

    4. The time she looked at herself in the mirror and said, "You know what these gaucho pants need? A tennis skirt":

    5. The time she thought the same thing about boot-cut jeans:

    6. The time she took a T-shirt and made it into a skirt, and then threw it over some jeans:

    7. The time she kept the skirt-over-pants-theme going and stepped it up by wearing it all in one color:

    8. The time she wore some of Stevie Nicks' old "Gypsy"-era cast-offs:

    9. The time she layered up on both necklaces and tanks:

    10. The time she brought some glamour shots–realness to the DVD release party of The Princess Diaries 2:

    11. The time she threw on a negligee over a boring outfit in order to serve us some boudoir sophistication:

    12. The time she not only wore a faux fur bolero, but also accessorized it with a faux fur clutch:

    13. The time that she was only cold on her arms and neck, so she wore this scarf-digan:

    14. The time she rocked an 18-inch cuff 'cause she couldn't be bothered to get her jeans hemmed:

    15. The time she added a cowboy flare (via her boots) to her "Sk8Boi"-meets-Summer Roberts outfit:

    16. The time she pulled a look together from the clearance section of Limited Too:

    17. And finally, the time she wore every early '00s fashion trend at once: scarf, ironic tee, jean skirt, and Uggs: