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    17 Low-Key Shady Things Your Friends Would Do To You As Teens In The Early '00s

    Honestly, AIM and Myspace basically existed just to stir shit among teens.

    1. When you'd get in a fight with them and they would immediately post a vague message on AIM about it...

    2. ...or they'd immediately remove you from their Myspace Top 8.

    3. When they'd passive-aggressively leave your initials off their away message about the friends they ~love~:

    4. When they'd write up some dramatic shit on Xanga that you know did NOT happen.

    5. When they'd steal your Myspace layout and then lie and say they never noticed your design before.

    6. When they'd steal your profile song and claim that they had it first.

    7. Or when they'd switch their profile song to something dramatic for attention.

    8. When they'd "borrow" a CD or DVD and then lie when you found it at their house.

    9. When you'd ask to borrow a CD from them and they'd respond with, "Well, maybe? ONLY if you promise not to scratch it."

    10. When they'd tell you you couldn't have a piece of gum because they only had "one piece of gum left." Meanwhile, they basically had an entire pack.

    11. When they'd call you out in front of everyone that you got your Abercrombie & Fitch jeans at Marshalls or TJ Maxx, and not at the actual store.

    12. When you'd make a mix CD for them and they'd pretend that they've listened to it. Meanwhile they can't even name a song that was on it.

    13. When they'd lie to your face that their designer bag was real.

    14. When they'd claim a ~signature scent~ that you had before them.

    15. When you'd ask them to share their iPod on a long car trip or bus ride and they'd keep saying "Hold on, after this song. I love this one!" Meanwhile like two hours go by and they're still listening to it.

    16. When you'd be talking on AIM and all of sudden they'd say BRB, even though you knew they were still logged on talking to your other friends.

    17. And finally, when they'd refuse to let you use their phone because of "minutes."