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18 Little Things You'll Have To Explain To Your Kids One Day

"Hey, can you call me back after 9 p.m.? I'm almost out of minutes for the month." —You in 2003

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6. How looking up information for a report or homework actually meant physically looking it up in an encyclopedia.

And then correctly sourcing it.


14. How you more than periodically had to clean the lint and dust buildup in your mouse in order to get it to work again.

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But admit it: You had fun with playing with the ball a bit before putting it back together.

15. How this was the only way you could get the latest songs — and they were usually crappy radio rips.

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Also the No. 1 cause of PC fatalities in the early 2000s. RIP to all those computers that never recovered from the virus they got.

17. How this was your default game to play every time you couldn't get online ’cause someone had to use the phone or was expecting a call.

18. And finally, how Friday nights were basically the Hunger Games at Blockbuster as you tried to get the latest release.

#TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow the thrill of snatching the last copy on a Friday night.

And going home defeated -- and with that SAME fallback rental -- if they ran out of copies of the new movie you wanted to rent.