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16 Weird WWII Propaganda Posters To Remind You That Women Are Diseased Sluts

Apparently the biggest danger facing soldiers wasn't on the battlefield, but rather in the bedroom.

1. Cleanliness is NOT next to godliness.

2. Just like drugs...

3. FYI: "V-Gals" is not a nursery rhyme for kids.

4. With a face like that, you know she is trouble.

5. This diagram looks accurate.

6. Warning: never pick-up a woman who stands under a street lamp...

7. ..or in a dark alley...

8. ...or one stands in front shady dance halls -- like Shorty's Place.

9. Only you can prevent venereal diseases and forest fires.

10. That wink totally says loose.

11. So that's what Carmen Sandiego has been up to!

12. No invite to Mussolini from Hitler or Emperor Hirohito to join in on their duet?

13. I like the subtlety of this poster.

14. Wow, just a minute? Disappointing.

15. Well, she certainly has a type.

16. Who did this survey?

Bonus: Men are sluts too!