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    15 Reasons Why Socks Was The Best Cat Of All Time

    Arguably the most beloved Clinton. In honor of National Cat Day.

    1. He was dashing.

    2. Whenever he needed to, he knew how to give a powerful a combination of both bitch face and side-eye.

    3. Because he knew how to put a dog in its place.

    4. But he was also fair and would sometimes allow a dog to lie on the furniture.

    Flickr: usnationalarchives

    "Don't get too comfortable there, Buddy," he hissed.

    5. Like all big celebs, he had problems with the paparazzi.

    MIKE NELSON/AFP / Getty Images

    6. Because he had the Secret Service take him out for a drive whenever he was bored.

    7. He was all about the holidays...

    8. ...and OWNED the White House Easter Egg hunt.

    9. He only allowed photographers to shoot him from his "good side."

    Robert Giroux / Getty Images

    10. He was an excellent companion on walks...

    11. ...and an excellent listener.

    12. He gave powerful press conferences.

    Flickr: usnationalarchives

    "I did not have sexual relations with that feline."

    13. He was the official Oval Office greeter.

    14. He was able to bring Bill and Hillary together.

    15. And mainly, because he knew he was in charge!

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