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15 Reasons Why Dylan McKay Is The Perfect Boyfriend

Who cares if he was a 35-year-old high school student.

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1. He is totally not afraid to express his emotions.

2. He's smart...

3. ...and deep.

4. Also, he's really into feminist literature...

5. ...and Shakespeare.

6. Couples costumes? Yeah, he is totally down for that...

7. ...and also coordinating his outfit with yours.

8. How many guys that you know will send you an autographed photo?

9. He cares about the environment.

10. Doesn't mind being the object of your affection.

11. Knows just what to say to smooth things over.

12. He’s concerned with your well being.

13. How many high school students do you know who live on their own?

14. He'll kick your dad's ass.

15. If you go out of the country, he will totally hang out with your BFF and keep her company.

For the record: Dylan + Brenda = 4eva

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