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    15 Amazingly '80s Photos Of Brad Pitt

    And apparently he didn't own T-shirts in the '80s.

    1. Brad riding that exercise bike like he is under the scornful eye of Olivia Newton-John in the "Physical" video.


    One question: How practical are those cargo sweats?

    2. Only Brad could (barely) pull off both a large headband (that perfectly holds back his lightly tousled hair) and a cut up tank top.


    The only thing that would make this picture better (aka '80s) is if he were wearing a "Choose Life" T-shirt.

    3. Speaking of cut up tank tops, I think this one was bitten by a shark.


    Bonus points for the feathered hair though.

    4. I guess he did wear T-shirts, but only if they coordinated with his shorts.


    5. Going for the tough guy, Richard Grieco on 21 Jump Street look.


    Really this is just what the late '80s looked like.

    Also, what's up with the hole in the crotch, Brad?

    6. Open shirt + windblown hair = An essential teen pinup pose.


    7. Wearing the same leather jacket a current day Boca retiree wears to bingo.


    8. No shirt, fedora, and overalls; Brad is bringing some New Kids on the Block realness to this photo.

    9. Never mind that 1960s bathroom wallpaper he is wearing as a shirt, and just look at that perfectly coiffed late '80s hair, which is nicely framed by an oversized blazer.


    10. Speaking of perfect hair, check out his glamorous soccer-mom hair.


    Again that cross earring is a nice touch.

    11. Brad working the bad boy at the gym look.


    That pink bandanna says total badass.

    12. Two words: Bolo tie.


    13. Looking a bit like a dork (OK really dorky) while embracing his teen idol status.

    14. I don't know why he is dressed like a little kid, circa 1991? But OK.

    15. This is just precious.



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