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    14 Etsy Items To Get The He-Man Obsessed Fan In Your Life

    BRB, placing my orders.

    1. Castle Grayskull Sugar Skull 9 x 12 Print, $15


    He-Man's iconic castle looks amazing with a Día de los Muertos makeover.

    2. He-Man Cabinet Knob, $13

    The perfect way to add some "power" to your kitchen, bathroom, or, really, any piece of furniture.

    3. He-Man Comic Book Outlet Plate, $9


    Speaking of adding the "power," this is a cool way to add some pizzazz to where, you know, actual power comes from.

    4. Orko Print, $15-29


    This print of everyone's favorite bumbling sidekick magician is the perfect way to enchant a room or office.

    5. Masters of the Universe Vintage Fabric Cushion, $33


    This pillow will bring back those warm and fuzzy memories to anyone who grew up with a bed decked out in Masters of the Universe bedsheets.

    6. She-Ra Princess of Power Enamel Necklace, $32


    Who wouldn't want Etheria's most badass ass-kicker hanging around their neck?!

    7. He-Man and She-Ra Set of Four Coasters, $26


    Who else would you trust your drink with?

    8. Skeletor and He-Man Cuff Links, $14


    All right, so you probably couldn't really wear these to a formal occasion. Actually, scratch that, these are PERFECT for any occasion.

    9. He-Man Console Dustcover, $25


    Think about it, who better to protect a vintage gaming console from dust and debris than He-Man?

    10. He-Man ✕ Classic Mickey Mouse T-Shirt, $21


    The perfect blend of two pop culture icons!!!

    11. Skeletaww T-Shirt, $22


    I'm not saying there needs to be a Muppet Babies–style reboot of He-Man, but I'd be OK with it if Skeletor was this adorable.

    12. He-Man and Skeletor 1:1 Scale Sword Replicas, $199 (Each)


    A perfect reproduction of those classic swords that came with He-Man action figures — and somehow always got sucked up by the vacuum or eaten by the dog.

    13. He-Man and She-Ra Wedding Cake Topper, $20


    Yes, yes, they were brother and sister, but come on, they were totally doing it.

    14. He-Man and She-Ra Onesies, $25 (Each)

    Because it's never too early to get the next generation obsessed with He-Man and the gang!!! Wait, do they make those in adult sizes too?!