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    13 Photos Of London Street Style From 1905-1908

    Long before photographers like Bill Cunningham and The Sartorialist were documenting street style, photographer Edward Linley Sambourne captured the Edwardian fashion of the city's affluent Kensington neighborhood.

    1. Sambourne described this stylish woman as a “shop girl":

    2. Woman seemingly unaware that she is being photographed:

    3. The RBKC Library notes: "July 1906 in Notting Hill Gate – even in summer gloves are worn and one of these two women carries a muff."

    4. A formally dressed woman -- wearing the popular "pouter pigeon" style blouse.

    5. Another popular trend: ridiculously large hats.

    6. Woman rocking the checked suit with attitude.

    7. Maid reading the paper (on her way to work?).

    8. Another maid cleaning the steps of a townhouse in Cheniston Gardens.

    9. A young woman wearing a tall collared blouse, with a necktie – a style adapted from menswear.

    10. A family out for a stroll on St Albans Road.

    11. A woman given a very editorial pose on Cromwell Road.

    12. A girl adjusting her hat after dismounting from her bike.

    13. An elegantly dressed upper-class woman walking with her two sons along Cromwell Road.