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    Mar 5, 2014

    12 (Unintentionally) Creepy Children's Books

    These vintage kids books are a major fail, but they're also HILARIOUS.

    1. What kid (or parent for that matter) wouldn't want to pick up a cookbook with a title like this?

    2. This is one slut-shaming title:

    3. Is it just me or does Archibald seem like the rather aggressive type?

    4. The answer: Only candidates running in midterm elections.

    5. Hahaha "Boners," school boy howlers indeed.

    6. Do you really need a guide to having fun with LSD?


    7. I guess Little Lulu is down for trying new things.

    8. I think Pedobear needs to pay this book's author a visit.

    9. Honestly, this looks like it could also double for an erotic novel.

    10. OK, forget the guy getting his butt rammed. I'm more curious about what that farmer in the back is doing with his hand in the pocket.

    11. Eek! So. Creepy.

    12. This is an image of ALF you will NEVER unsee:

    But it's ok, according to the cover no animals were injured in the making of the cover.

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