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    If You Owned A Flip Phone In The 2000s Then You Definitely Did These 12 Things Regularly

    Nothing was more satisfying than slamming your phone shut when you were sick of talking to someone.

    1. Pulling the antenna out with your teeth whenever you were going to make a call and pushing it back down with your chin when you were done with the call.

    2. Knowing exactly just how to angle your phone in order to capture everyone in a group selfie.


    3. Looking for the perfect charm(s) to accessorize your phone with...

    4. ...or accessorizing your phone with crystals โ€” that would eventually start falling off leaving weird hot glue spots.

    5. Answering your phone in a dramatic fashion.

    DreamWorks Pictures

    6. Dramatically slamming your phone shut when you were over a call.

    20th Century Fox

    7. Recording a ringtone you wanted off the radio.

    8. Having to call yourself, listen to your outgoing greeting, and then press your code in order to listen to your voicemails.


    9. If you changed phones often, having a collection of different chargers from all your phones (since none of them ever seemed to be universal).

    10. Being amazed by the color video graphics that would play when you turned on your phone. (It felt like the future!)


    11. Being able to write the perfect text โ€” that included everything you wanted to say โ€” in 160 characters or less.

    Warner Bros.

    12. And finally, freaking out whenever you accidentally hit the internet button on your phone, and literally feeling like that half second you attempted to get online would cost you $50!

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