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12 Most Ridiculous Moments From Puff Daddy’s "Been Around The World" Music Video

This 1997 music video was epically bad, even by Puff Daddy standards.

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1. Quincy Jones' cameo as agent Q.

Quincy you are better than this!

2. Puffy sitting on the toilet while reading a magazine (with his own face on the cover).

This could be a metaphor for this video.

3. A white dove files out of his Mercedes.

Who fucking drives around with a dove in their car?

4. Puffy and Mase hug it out on a runway while wearing matching white suits.

Also, what the hell happend to Mase?

5. The over dramatic plane takeoff while being chased down by cars.

No answer to who these people are and how they got on the airport runway.

6. Wyclef Jean's cameo as an evil agent. Dressed like a pilot, he abandons Puffy and Mase on the plane mid-flight.

Maybe Puffy and Mase are team Sean Penn?

7. Puffy and Mase somehow manage not to get sucked out of the plane and are both able to parachute down to safety.

8. The locals instantly recognize that this is PUFFY.

Puffy's shirt is now open.

9. Jennifer Lopez suddenly appears as the Princess of Tunisia

But, I applauded her bold choice to wear a chola shade of lipstick.

10. Then this weird dream-dance sequence between J.Lo and Puffy.

11. Wyclef reappears and tries to poison Princess J.Lo! But, Puffy is able to save her just in time.

Oh Wyclef you screwed your mission up like it was a Haitian charity.

12. The most ridiculous moment, Puffy mowing the lawn.

Like Puffy even knows how to mow a lawn.

"Been Around The World" extended video:

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