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    Posted on Aug 7, 2013

    12 Classic Games That Are Older Than You Think

    One still very popular board game has been around since before the Civil War.

    1. Guess Who? (1979)


    The popular late '80s and early '90s game was first manufactured by Milton Bradley in 1979 in the UK. It was brought over to the U.S. in 1982.

    2. Perfection (1973)


    While the game's infectious jingle, "Pop Goes Perfection", will forever be embedded in the minds of ‘90s kids everywhere, the game itself dates back to 1973.

    3. Mouse Trap (1963)


    The only board game that’s real appeal was in putting it together.

    4. Risk (1957)


    The game was created by French film director Albert Lamorisse and was originally called La Conquête du Monde ("The Conquest of the World").

    5. Yahtzee (1956)


    Surprisingly this game is only 57 years old.

    6. Candy Land (1949)

    Eleanor Abbott designed this classic childhood game in 1945, while she was recovering from polio. But, the game didn’t go into production until 1949, after Milton Bradley bought the rights.

    7. Clue (1949)


    The games creator, Anthony E. Pratt, an English solicitor's clerk, invented the game during WWII to pass time during lengthy air raid drills in underground bunkers.

    8. Scrabble (1938)


    In order to determine the number and scores of the tiles in the game, it’s designer, Alfred Butts, analyzed the frequency of letters in words from various sources, including The New York Times.

    9. Monopoly (1935)


    According to Hasbro since 1935, more than one billion people have played the game.

    Also, the longest Monopoly game in history lasted for 70 straight days (which sounds about right).

    10. Sorry! (1934)

    Sorry! is based on Pachisi, a game which originated in 16th-century India.

    11. Uncle Wiggily (1916)


    The game is based on Howard R. Garis’ Uncle Wiggily book series.

    12. The Game of Life (1860)


    Originally called The Checkered Game of Life, it was America's first popular parlor game.

    In 1960, to mark it's 100th anniversary, the game was updated and the modern version we know today was introduced.

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