10 Totally Forgotten ’80s Girl Toy Lines

Cabbage Patch Kids and Jem may have rocked your world, but what about Maxie dolls?

1. Sea Wees

Made by: Kenner (1979–1984)

What the heck were they: These adorable little mermaid dolls made bath time great! There were three initial dolls in the line: Sandy, Coral, and Shelly, and each came with her own floating lily pad–shaped sponge and comb (of course).

Sea Wees Tropigals commercial:

2. Pillow People

Made by: Springs Industries (mid-‘80s)

What the heck were they: Much like the Glo Worm, these soft stuffed toys were designed to help kids sleep. They were basically decorative pillows you played with, so they weren’t as exciting as the commercial would make them seem.

Pillow People commercial:

3. Maxie Fashion Dolls


Made by: Hasbro (1988–1990)

What the heck were they: Following the end of Jem and the Holograms (both the series and the toy line), Hasbro attempted to create another doll line to compete against Barbie. They came up with Maxie, who was just your typical popular high school girl from California that we all aspire to be!

Also like Jem, Maxie had her own cartoon series, which never really ever took off.

Lookin’ Smart Maxie commercial:

4. Smooshees

Made by: Hasbro (1988-1989)

What the heck were they: Smooshies were small plush dolls and animals that came with their own plastic object (usually a house, cage, or car) that you would then smoosh them into. It sounds really lame and kinda cruel in retrospect.

Smooshees commercial:

5. The Hugga Bunch

Made by: Kenner (1985-?)

What the heck were they: Originally a line of Hallmark greeting cards, their popularity spun off into a TV movie and a line of creepy-looking dolls.

Hugga Bunch commercial:

6. Dixie’s Diner

Made by: Tyco (1988–1989)

What the heck were they: This miniature 1950s diner play set (we loved ‘50s nostalgia in the ‘80s) was the real star of this toy line — the dolls were just the accessories.

The line also included a straight-to-video movie of the same name.

Dixie’s Diner commercial:

7. Fluppy Dogs

Made by: Kenner (1986)

What the heck were they: These yarn-like dogs (they were actually aliens) were based on an animated Disney TV special of the same name.

Fluppy Dogs commercial:

8. Oh Jenny!

Made by: Matchbox (1988–1989)

What the heck were they: The Oh Jenny! line was bit like Polly Pocket; her miniature world included an RV, stable, tree house, and a bomb-ass mansion (seen above).

Oh Jenny! commercial:

9. Hot Looks International Models

Made by: Mattel (1986–1988)

What the heck were they: The short-lived line included five 19” dolls (who were models) — each representing a different nationality.

Toys ‘R’ Us commercial featuring Hot Looks International Model dolls:

10. Golden Girl and the Guardians of the Gemstones


Made by: Galoob (1984–1985)

What the heck were they: This unique toy line was created as an answer to the male-targeted He-Man toy line. The toys revolved around Golden Girl and her consort of Amazonian female warriors known as The Guardians of the Gemstones.

The line suffered because it did not include a tie-in cartoon, the action figures were a bit too masculine, and it faced direct competition from She-Ra.

Golden Girl and the Guardians of the Gemstones commercial:

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