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The Ads That Didn't Make 1st Round.

These initial ad concepts were rejected from an aspiring art director at an advertising agency. Needless to say, his aspirations were cut short there. Don't know why, they're GENIUS!!

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  • 1. Seal 3000

    Join the CLUB!

  • 2. Date Rape

    Prevention is Key.

  • 3. Can't Wait?


  • 4. Geico DIRECT

    Salvation is yours.

  • 5. Sh*tty Shirts

    Dress 2 Impress

  • 6. Santa's Coming Early!

    Take the blue pill.

  • 7. Secure Horzions

    Bolt it shut!

  • 8. Elderly People


  • 9. Stop Buying Ford

    Funny enough to drown the dog.