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31 Pieces Of Proof That Heidi Klum Is Perfect

Fun Fact: Beyoncé wrote Flawless about Heidi Klum. Sad Fact: No, she didn't. (But she could have)

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5. Tim Gunn is the ultimate gay best friend

Via Project Runway

Tim and Heidi are the most fabulous duo of all time. I bet they go to brunch and then do some shopping and catch up on the latest gossip. THEY'RE SO CUTE.

6. Her accent

View this video on YouTube / Via Project Runway

You're out. Auf wiedersehen.

7. That time she was in a Guitar Hero commercial

View this video on YouTube / Via Guitar Hero

NBD. Just Heidi being super sexy while playing video games.

9. You can imagine having a burger with her

She is so chill. She doesn't seem like the type where you have to be fancy to impress her and she's German so you know she'll knock back a couple beers too. She might even burp and it be would the best burp to ever grace your ears/nose.

13. She even pretended to work a pizza place on I Get That A Lot

View this video on YouTube / Via CBS


16. Psy made a Gangnam Style video with her

View this video on YouTube / Via YouTube

She is obviously down for anything. SHE IS SO FUN.

22. She drives a convertible (in photo shoots)

This can only lead to the greatest road trip of all time. Or trip to the supermarket. Who cares where you're going? You're in a convertible with Heidi Klum.

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