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26 Seriously Fucked-Up Things People Have Done To Their Sims

"I barbecued my baby and fed it to the father because I hated him."

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We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community for the most messed up thing they did while playing The Sims. Here are the goddamn horrifying results.


I had two very attractive Sims and they had a baby. But the kid was hideous — so I had it taken away. Then they had a daughter, and she was beautiful; but once she started school, she brought a friend home. It was the first kid.




I made my Sim have sex with an alien at her birthday party and made her husband, stepdaughter, brother, sister-in-law, and infant son watch. Then she had the alien's baby, which I burned in a room because I didn't want some weird green alien baby.




A burglar broke into my Sim's house, so I had my Sim buy a cow-plant, befriend the burglar, and invite her over again. The burglar was eaten by the cow-plant. Then I had my Sim drink the milk the cow-plant produced from eating the burglar.





I created eight teens, made them all enemies, put them in an arena, and watched what unfolded. I even had one ambitious tribute make a snowstorm with the weather machine. But then the snow turned to fire and they all burned to death.

–Rachael Crawley, Facebook



I've killed so many Sims that the Grim Reaper is a close friend of the family. After he collects the soul of my most recent murder, he hangs out with the family, has dinner, and helps the children with their homework.

–Brandy Stormageddon Wheelhouse, Facebook



I keep parental control software on my kid's computer that send me screenshots every five minutes. One week I found HUNDREDS of images of Sims locked in tiny rooms without doors or windows, peeing, crying, and dying. There were more rooms lined with urns in the background.

–Oskar Minion Hillebrandt, Facebook




I made my Sim start a relationship with every girl in the neighborhood, and after they all fell in love with my Sim, I threw a gigantic dinner party and invited them all over at once — just to watch the chaos unfold. They LINED UP to slap him.

–Tison Hiland, Facebook



I would hang crying clown paintings on every wall and then the Sad Clown would come to torment my Sim the entire day and I'd never let him leave. My Sim never slept — and neither did the clown.

–Denice Brown, Facebook



I made a "perfect" family, except I made the dad secretly gay and made a household of eight gay men next door. He woohoo'd regularly with all of them. Well, one time I invited all of his gay lovers over and introduced them to his wife — then made him woohoo all of his boyfriends at once and made his wife watch.



I made my Sims the characters from Grey's Anatomy and locked them all in a room that they kept lighting on fire until all but two were killed. The last two to survive got married and had a family together. It was Arizona and Richard Webber.




I had a Sim I called "The Black Widow." I'd have her go into town and make men fall in love with her. Then, I'd invite the men into the basement and delete the stairs. While they were in the basement starving to death, I'd make her go out and find her next victim.

–Colleen McEachern, Facebook



My mom made a Sim of her boss and put him in a room with no exit and lit him on fire. I heard her in the other room cackling like a maniac while her starving boss burned to death in a puddle of his own piss.



A nanny Sim pissed me off by putting my baby on the floor and going swimming. So I deleted the ladder and let her drown. Then I had my Sim paint a still-life painting of her body at the bottom of the pool and put it in the living room for the next nanny to see.

–Brent Basil, Facebook

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.