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21 Things College Kids Actually Want For Christmas

A full-time job immediately after graduation would be great.

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We recently asked the college kids of the BuzzFeed Community what they really want for Christmas this year.

1. Stress-free and uninterrupted-by-an-alarm-clock sleep.

2. For sweatpants to be completely acceptable everyday attire.

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–Carlee Barackman, Facebook

3. For school tuition to not cost an arm, a leg, your first-born child, and a piece of your soul.


4. Better yet, student loan forgiveness entirely would be great.



5. For teachers to not schedule every test and project to be due at the same damn time.



6. A free Netflix subscription for life.


7. A future plan and some motivation, tbh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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8. A device that takes you back in time to prevent you from making bad decisions.


9. Better yet, maybe just a device that takes you back to being a kid all over again.


10. Noise-canceling headphones to block out the awful sounds of living with loud AF roommates.


–Sophie Gadd, Facebook

11. Daily Starbucks delivery right to your dorm room.


12. Beer at parties that doesn't taste like pee-water.

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13. A magical homework fairy.


14. A communal dorm puppy you're allowed to visit and play with whenever you please.

15. Bobby Flay cooking in the cafeteria.

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16. A ban on family members asking, "Are you seeing anyone yet?"

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17. Or the dreaded "So, how's school going?" from your distant relative.


–Emily Back, Facebook

18. A private bathroom you never have to share.

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19. A full-time job immediately after graduation.

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20. Cash.

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21. And socks... But really.


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