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    Posted on Oct 14, 2015

    There Was A Magical Wizard At The Democratic Presidential Debate

    "Bernie, did you put your name in the Goblet of Fire!?"

    With each new debate, comes a new favorite member of the debate audience.

    The GOP debate had the hot guy, #DemDebate has Santa/ Joe Biden in disguise.

    And once people saw this majestically-bearded man, there was no going back.

    Wizard in audience. I repeat. Wizard in audience. #DemDebate

    Found the wizard! Who can spot the rest of the Waldo family? #DemDebate

    Some thought it may be one wise wizard in particular.

    has anyone else seen this guy in the #DemDebate audience???


    And were desperate to hear his opinion on the issues.

    Interested in Dumbledore's policies. RT @steveking_: Wizard in audience. I repeat. Wizard in audience. #DemDebate

    I would bet my life that the wizard on the right is feelin' the Bern. #DemDebate #FeelTheBern #DebateWithBernie #VT

    Or even to cast him in as another candidate.

    But other theories of the man's true identity soon began.

    Santa Claus is blending in well at the #DemDebate

    Hippie Santa decided to see who was being naughty or nice. #DemDebate

    And his opinion on the issues soon became clear.

    Apparently Santa doesn't approve of Hillary trying to raise minimum wage for the Elves #DemDebate

    But perhaps he was just a man wanting to see a play?

    Is this a) off-duty Santa, b) a wizard, or c) a man who thinks he's seeing an off-Broadway play? #DemDebate

    Or ZZ Top in disguise.

    ZZ Top Santa is not impressed by Clinton's opener. #DemDebate

    A lost fan of Phish?

    When Phish tour ends, you sober up and find yourself at the Democratic debate.


    Wizard Socialists support maternal leave for all of hobbits of Middle-earth. #demdebate

    Or maybe he was simply a harmless hippie with an awesome shirt.

    Fave for the suit RT for the hippie

    When you patiently waiting to propose legislation that would make Jerry Garcia's birthday a national holiday

    Whoever you are mystery bearded man, we hope you at least had a good time.

    tfw you get stuck covering the boring-ass debate for the Council of Wizards ht @DeeGoots

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