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21 DIY Ornaments That'll Take Your Tree To The Next Level

♫ Have yourself a crafty little Christmas. ♫

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We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us the best Christmas ornaments they've ever made. Here are the festive results.

1. This amazing poop emoji.

Learn to make it here.
Rachel Miller / BuzzFeed Life

Learn to make it here.

2. These festive AF ornaments made of corks.


3. This amazing Miley and her wrecking ball.


4. This gloriously geeky collection.



5. Walter White and his blue meth.



6. This nerdy herd.


7. These marvelous Muppets.


8. ♫ Have yourself a merry little Sithmas. ♫


9. This super steampunk'd snowman.


10. This wondrous winter wonderland.


11. This beautifully bedazzled Pokéball.


12. This crafty AF paintbrush Santa.


13. These handcrafted gems from The Grinch.


14. This amazing Flying Spaghetti Monster star.


15. This adorably ugly Christmas sweater ornament.


16. Literally ~Christmas in a nutshell~.


17. This Super Mario tree topper.


18. This Pulp Fiction-inspired snowman.


19. This Christmas tree made entirely of mustaches.


20. This magical Golden Snitch.


21. And the Ginger-dead Man.


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