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15 Struggles Of Dealing With A Bad Texter

This is a passive-aggressive response to the responses I never received.

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1. You understand the art of carrying on a conversation.

No. No. NO.

3. Read receipts are a blessing and a curse.

4. You often brainstorm reasons why they aren't responding.

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Are they in the shower? Are they DEAD?!


5. And you legitimately cannot understand how someone leaves their phone unchecked for more than five minutes.


10. Your frustration builds when you type a long, heartfelt response, only to receive a one word text in return.

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11. Being a bad texter is a major dating deal breaker.


It literally takes five seconds.


13. You almost want to break out in rage every time someone makes the excuse of just being a "bad texter."

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14. You can be a bit sassy when people take forever to reply.