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17 TED Talks Guaranteed To Change Your Life

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1. "The Price Of Shame" — Monica Lewinsky

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Why you should watch it: Monica intimately talks about her personal experiences with cyber-bullying, how its impact isn't to be taken lightly, but most importantly, you'll learn you can survive it yourself.


2. "My Year Of Saying Yes To Everything" — Shonda Rhimes

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Why you should watch it: For a year, Shonda forced herself to say yes to everything that pushed her out of her comfort zone — and listening to her talk, you'll learn simply saying 'Yes' can help you find unexpected opportunities and passions in your life as well.



3. "Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are" — Amy Cuddy

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Why you should watch it: Amy explains how to overcome your impostor syndrome, feelings of not belonging, and the power of 'Faking it until you become it.'" It'll teach you little ways to get yourself through those moments you aren't feeling all too confident.



14. "What Really Matters At The End Of Life" — BJ Miller

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Why you should watch it: Through the perspectives of patients nearing the end of their lives, it analyzes how to not lose sight of what really matters most to you, and how to not get too mentally caught up in day-to-day issues.



16. "Stripping Away Negative Body Image" — Lillian Bustle

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Why you should watch it: Lillian breaks down the word fat and how she learned to value her own worth and love her body — despite society's ridiculous standards for women's bodies telling her to do the opposite.