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Here Is Ariana Grande Cringing At The Whole Internet

In these moments, we were ALL Ariana Grande.

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In case you missed it, Ariana Grande was wing-slapped at the Victoria's Secret Fashion show last night. Turns out she's just as horrified by the internet.

Getty Images / Samir Hussein

1. Reluctantly twerking with Robin.

Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic / MTV /Altered by Loryn Brantz

2. Not enjoying a family vacation.

Altered by Loryn Brantz / Via

3. Cringing at mansplaining.

CNN /Altered by Loryn Brantz / Via

4. Cowering from Kim K's bum.

PAPERMAG /Altered by Loryn Brantz / Via

5. Being put in her place by Chloe.

Altered by Loryn Brantz

6. Feeling camera shy.

Bradley Cooper/Altered by Loryn Brantz / Via Twitter: @theellenshow

7. Trying to not get wrecked by Miley.

MileyCyrusVEVO /Altered by Loryn Brantz / Via

8. Not wanting to shop at Target.

Altered by Loryn Brantz / Via Twitter: @auscalum

9. Failing to comfort Kim K.

E! /Altered by Loryn Brantz / Via

10. Accidentally walking in on Drake's private moment with Nicki.

PLANET PHOTOS /Altered by Loryn Brantz / Via

11. And agreeing with Britney.

Fox /Altered by Loryn Brantz / Via

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