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17 College Cooking Fails Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

God help us.

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us their worst college cooking fails. Here are the disastrous responses.

1. This chicken nugget horror scene:

"I didn’t realize the plastic tray I used was definitely not oven-safe."


2. This fucked-up noodle cup:

"I was in a hurry and forgot to put water in my ramen cup! The apartment smelled like charred styrofoam for days."


3. This omelet made with a damn clothing iron:

"I'd heard you could cook an omelet using a clothing iron and had to try it. The bottom of it certainly cooked. The top, not so much."


4. This mac 'n' cheese nightmare:

"I fell asleep on the couch before I'd drained the noodles. I woke up in the morning to my house smelling ungodly, and I'd completely forgotten about my Kraft dinner. The fire department showed up, searched the house, and disapprovingly brought me my pot."


5. This really depressing rainbow cake:

"I just wanted to make a Pinterest-worthy rainbow cake."


6. This boozy blob of vodka gummy bears:

“Vodka gummy bears! Oops.”


7. This puzzling Rubik's Cube cake:

"Well, it's supposed to be a Rubik’s Cube anyway."


8. This global meltdown:

"A friend and I tried to make a seven-layered ‘Earth’ cake for extra credit in our science class. The best part was it collapsing before we even got to turn it in as ‘The End of World as We Know It’ played on the radio.”


9. This person who can't even make tea:

“I tried to make tea and ended up burning the pot.”


10. This bag of popcorn that nearly burned down the apartment:

"I was just trying to make popcorn. I heard my roommate scream and then I saw a big flame. This was the result."


11. This sad attempt at homemade Three Musketeers bars:

"Since I was failing physics, I hoped my professor would show some mercy on me if I made him his favorite candy. Unfortunately, I ended up making what looked like actual dog shit."


12. This torched mini pancake:

"When I studied abroad, I bought a four-pack of syrniki (Russian pancakes) that needed to be microwaved for three minutes. Since I wasn’t that hungry, I only put one in the microwave. A minute or so later, I smelled smoke and ran into my room... but it was too late."


13. These Dino Nuggets burned to extinction:

14. This poor soul just trying to cook rice:

"My pot will never be the same and I'm so ashamed."


15. This chocolate cake abomination:

"I tried making cake in a rice cooker and this was the result."


16. This mug cake gone horribly wrong:

“I tried to make a mug cake ‘cause they looked so fun. I’m not sure what went wrong here.”


17. And these, uh, "extra crispy" fries:

"My stoned flatmate put these poor fries in the oven at 200ºC for an hour. RIP those fries."


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