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17 College Cooking Fails Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

God help us.

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4. This mac 'n' cheese nightmare:

"I fell asleep on the couch before I'd drained the noodles. I woke up in the morning to my house smelling ungodly, and I'd completely forgotten about my Kraft dinner. The fire department showed up, searched the house, and disapprovingly brought me my pot."



8. This global meltdown:

"A friend and I tried to make a seven-layered ‘Earth’ cake for extra credit in our science class. The best part was it collapsing before we even got to turn it in as ‘The End of World as We Know It’ played on the radio.”



12. This torched mini pancake:

"When I studied abroad, I bought a four-pack of syrniki (Russian pancakes) that needed to be microwaved for three minutes. Since I wasn’t that hungry, I only put one in the microwave. A minute or so later, I smelled smoke and ran into my room... but it was too late."