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26 Underrated Apps Every Twentysomething Should Download Right Now

These are app-solute essentials.

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We asked followers of the BuzzFeed Community for their favorite underrated app. Here are their go-to downloads.

3. Pacifica

Free — iOS and Android

What it is: A stress-relief app with calming sounds, a thought journal, mental exercises, and tools to track mental and physical well-being.

Why you need it: Because everyone needs a moment to regroup and relax.


7. Star Chart

Free — iOS and Android

What it is: An app that can locate the current position of every star, planet, moon, and all that other space stuff, just by pointing your phone up at the day or night sky.

Why you need it: Because who doesn't love looking up at the stars and all of the great kings of the past?

–Jessica Koplin, Facebook

8. Goodreads

Free — iOS and Android

What it is: A reading app that makes it easy to find new books, keep track of your reading list, and check in on what your friends are reading too.

Why you need it: An essential for any reading lover, really.


9. OurGroceries

Free — iOS and Android

What it is: Think of this as a communal grocery list. You can update what food is running low — and anyone in the house can check to see what's left on the list to pick up.

Why you need it: You never have to run out of milk, eggs, or tortilla chips ever again.


10. 2048

Free — iOS and Android

What it is: A simple, but stupidly addictive game where you join numbers together in order to get to the 2048 tile.

Why you need it: Great for a morning commute or a fun distraction in case you have an hour or two, or six, to kill.


11. VSCOcam

Free — iOS and Android

What it is: A photography app that provides beautiful filters and editing tools, and is especially good for giving them that professional and vintage feel.

Why you need it: Because Instagram can only do so much.


12. Bandsintown

Free — iOS and Android

What it is: An app that lets you know where and when your favorite artists and bands are on tour — and it notifies you when those tours are announced and when tickets go on sale.

Why you need it: If you've missed one of your favorite artists when they were in town, it’s a must-have.


14. Colorfy

Free — iOS and Android

What it is: This is your childhood coloring book, but modernized. It provides beautiful outlined drawings with tons of color options so you can color to your heart's content!

Why you need it: Because who said coloring books were just for kids anyway?


15. Plant Nanny

Free — iOS and Android

What it is: It helps you track how much water you drink and gives you a little plant pal to visualize your progress for the day.

Why you need it: Just think of this as a modern Tamagotchi — except, you know, for your health.


16. Wattpad

Free — iOS and Android

What it is: A reading and writing community where users can share and discover stories they love, as well as their own.

Why you need it: Social media meets books? Two of the best worlds colliding.


17. MyFitnessPal

Free — iOS and Android

What it is: A fitness and health app that gives you tons of tools and techniques to measure your goals — no matter what they are.

Why you need it: Because I guess health and wellness is sort of important.

–Tammy Akelia Taitt, Facebook

18. Magic Conch

Free — iOS and Android

What it is: Inspired by SpongeBob, the Magic Conch app helps you answer yes–no questions so that you don't have to.

Why you need it: Making decisions is hard. Why not lessen the load and let the conch decide?


20. QuizUp

Free — iOS and Android

What it is: A quiz app that allows you to challenge your friends, or randos, in topics ranging from history to Harry Potter to space.

Why you need it: Because you know your shit — what better way to humblebrag about it?


21. Snapseed

Free — iOS and Android

What it is: A photo app to make your phone photos look polished and professional with advanced photo-editing tools.

Why you need it: Snapseed could be the way to take your intermediate Instas to the next level.


22. RunPee

Free — iOS and Android

What is it: An app that lets you know the best time to pee during movies so you don't miss any good scenes.

Why you need it: You'll never have to miss an important moment or an after-the-credits Easter egg ever again.

–Katie Draper, Facebook

23. Think Dirty

Free — iOS

What it is: An app that lets you scan the ingredients of your favorite beauty products to see what harmful chemicals they might contain.

Why you need it: Who knows what could be in those powders and lotions — gotta keep that flawless face protected!

–Giordano-Rdz Isa, Facebook

24. WorkFlowy

Free — iOS and Android

What it is: A productivity app for taking notes, making lists, and overall keeping your life together.

Why you need it: Although you totally have it together, why not take your organizational skills up a notch?

–Mike Cherepko, Facebook

25. Spending Tracker

Free — iOS and Android

What it is: A finance app that helps you keep track of your expenses, save, budget, and all that other adult money stuff.

Why you need it: Until you get to that phase where you're throwing your cash off of your yacht, you should probably keep your finances in check.

–Yena Kim, Facebook

26. And SleepBot

Free — iOS and Android

What is it: A smart alarm and sleep tracker that tracks your sleep patterns through the night and wakes you up in your lightest phase of sleep.

Why you need it: Sleep is amazing. Why would you not want your night's rest to be as best as could be?


Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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