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106 Things I Watched Instead Of Seinfeld

In honor of the fact that a couple of guys who worked on Seinfeld are making a full length movie based on "Ultimate Dog Tease" I list 106 Comedy Movies and TV Shows I watched instead.

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“Comedy writer” Alec Berg and executive producer David Mantel are trying to develop a full length feature based on YouTuber klaatu42′s one minute long “Ultimate Dog Tease”. Notice how I wrote “comedy writer”, I did this because I don’t think what they call comedy is funny at all and whatever they do will not approach the greatness of the source material.

Many of you are saying “What does this have to do with Seinfield?” Well, I’ll explain that and more after the video.

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Berg and Mantel are known for their collaborative work on both Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm.Seinfeld, a show I didn’t enjoy in the first place, has aged terribly since it went off the air, and good comedy doesn’t do that.

Rika, who has watched a lot more episodes than I have, describes the experience of watching it as “hating myself for laughing when it’s funny, because the characters are so rude and pathetic.” And I agree fully with that, except for when she said it was funny.

Seinfeld premiered on July 5th, 1989, and ended in May 14th, 1998, lasting nine seasons. I remember tuning in to watch the final episode because of all the hype, mixed with a glimmer of hope that it would actually make me laugh. And guess what, IT FUCKING SUCKED. It proved to me that I wasn’t wasting my time when trying to look elsewhere for my comedy fix. By my count, here are 106 movies and tv shows that I enjoy and have aged better (and were better in the first place) than Seinfeld.

Some ground rules: These are all comedies, at least according to what is listed on Blockbuster Video’s website. Television shows can only be listed once, and only in their inaugural season. That's pretty much it.

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