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    How To Be A Solo Traveler

    You've decided to take the most important journey of your life.

    1. Pack everything you think you need and then leave half of that at home.

    2. Book your hostel.

    3. Get there the cheapest way, even if it’s the slowest. Picturesque train journeys are always a win.

    National Geographic Travel / Via

    4. Don't make any plans. You don't actually know what you want to do.

    Brennan Suen / Via

    ... except maybe that one thing you always wanted to do or that one thing your friend told you that you’d love. Plan to do that one (even if it's super touristy).

    Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna

    5. Make friends with a stranger immediately.

    Tumblr / Via

    Decide whether said stranger will be a good companion and if so determine to do everything with him or her.

    6. Go on a tour with your hostel and make friends with even more strangers. Get to know your way around.

    Brennan Suen / Via

    "Look mom - I made friends abroad!"

    Stockholm, Sweden

    7. Figure out what you actually want to do and do it.

    8. If you can't figure it out, ask.

    Brennan Suen / Via

    "Oh Diplo is in town? Do tell me more."

    Mosebacketerrassen, Stockholm

    9. If you still can't figure it out, find art.

    10. Or an abandoned place to explore.

    11. Or nature to wander.

    12. Or really whatever presents itself to you.

    Tumblr / Via

    (Make outs not guaranteed).

    13. Go for a night out where the locals go.

    Brennan Suen / Via

    ... or wherever the people in your hostel are feeling. Don't be afraid to ask for recommendations!

    Chez Georges Wine Cellar, Paris

    14. Stay out late even though you have a train to catch in the morning.

    Tumblr / Via

    You can sleep on the train!

    15. Ask everyone you met to add you on Facebook or for their emails, even if it seems awkward at the time.

    Wordpress / Via

    You may end up traveling together or visiting each other later on your trip.

    16. Let them know when you're in their countries. You might even have a place to stay.

    17. Make that train in the morning, even though you didn't sleep.

    Anna Janicka / Via

    ... or if it's right, just skip it. Maybe there's more you need to do.

    18. Sleep when you can.

    Kurisurokku / Via

    That probably means on your train.

    19. Blog about what you want people to know that you did.

    Iken Dust / Via

    Even though most of your Facebook friends aren't going to read it, it's important to keep track of your journey for yourself too!

    And your mom will love it.

    20. And Skype your friends to tell them what you really did.

    Hello Giggles / Via

    "I don't even know what language he was speaking in, but he was so hot."

    21. Book your next hostel and get ready to do it all over again!

    Brennan Suen / Via