• 1. Antonio Ferrara

    Five years into his prison career, six heavily armed men drove up to the front gate of Fresnes Prison impersonating officers, and freed Ferrara. He was only on the lam for four months before being recaptured. (via)

  • 2. Bobby Storey and Gerry Kelly

    Storey and Kelly led the biggest prison escape in British history in September 1983 at Maze Prison in Northern Ireland. 38 Irish Republican Army (IRA) prisoners escaped and held guards and an entire cellblock hostage until forcing a supply truck to drive them to hiding. Only 19 of the 38 were ever caught. (via)

  • 3. Pascal Payet

    Payet escaped twice from high security prisons in France via hijacked helicopter. And upon his second escape, he hid out near Barcelona and underwent plastic surgery to evade police. (via)

  • 4. Jay Junior Sigler

    Jay’s mom, Sandra Sigler, drove an industrial sized truck through three prison barricades. Once through, Jay was passed a shotgun, which he fired at guards as they retreated. After switching cars outside of town, the crew were eventually captured at a nearby gas station. (via)

  • 5. Bill Goldfinch and Jack Best

    This one only sort of counts since the Colditz POW camp was relieved before Best and Goldfinch could escape, however their plan was to construct a two-person glider to fly over the river from a prison tower. It was almost 100% complete when they were freed. (via)