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Yup, You're Waiting In Line At A Government Building

The most miserable place on earth.

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There’s always a woman with a crying child.

Being there makes you never want a child or a spouse.

At least you’re not the officer on guard whose job it is to be there… or anyone who works there for that matter.

The person behind the desk always looks just as miserable as you are.

You’re scared you’ll have to come back at some point, which you will. Everybody does.

The person behind the counter doesn’t want you to come back either.

You start to feel really bad for people who work here, because they deal with only miserable people all day long.

Oh sh*t! Did you remember to feed the meter??

People need to stop having small talk with the employees.

Oh wait, you have a few questions actually…

Any question you have is probably annoying for them to answer and you feel sort of guilty.

You try and be cheerful, sometimes it’s met with cheer!

Sometimes it’s not.

The lights are always dim because the bulbs are burnt out and they’re never getting replaced.

Why do I pay taxes again?/Why should I pay taxes again?

Maybe it’s worth going to jail to not have to come here ever again.

No it’s not.

This place is probably the reason that couches were invented – you just want to go home to your couch.

When someone speaks to you who is not an employee you’re incredibly confused.

Sorry, my phone just died, I don’t know what time it is.

Oh no, a dead phone?! Now what can I entertain myself with?

There’s a TV but it only plays CNN and you’ve seen the same story like five times.

Eventually you make it out alive, charge your phone and get on with your day and even feel kind of productive. Success!

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