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9 Deaths Worth Remembering On 'Pretty Little Liars'

Shit's stressful when you're in high school. *Spoiler alerts ahead*

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Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse)

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Okay, so she's not really dead anymore. In the season 4 Halloween special, "Grave New World," we find out PLL's very own Regina George is alive and well, a revelation many viewers (including myself) didn't know how to handle. Despite this, Ali's (alleged) death created the framework for the entire show and launched the many trials and mysteries the Liars had to overcome. That's why Ali's "death" remains significant due to the adversity she leaves for her friends in the wake of her absence - it's as if she never left (even though she ends up coming back anyway). Girlfriend also survived being clobbered over the head and almost buried alive by her mother, like wtf. In the words of Ali herself, "that's immortality, my darlings."

Ian Thomas (Ryan Merriman)

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Ian, you sexy, creepy bastard, you. This mo fo created a stir for the Liars AND the town of Rosewood for quite some time. Following a struggle with Spencer in the bell tower of the church, he was presumed to be dead after a black hooded figure pushed him, saving Spence in the process. But when his body disappeared from where it was left hanging, it was believed he might possibly be alive. Make up your damn mind! It wasn't until season 2 that the body of Melissa's ex-beau was finally found, but staged by A to look like a suicide. !!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?. Ian was finally dead and it was revealed in the season 4 finale that Alison was the one who pushed him off the bell tower (because she was alive the whole time, duh!). That's what you get for creeping on teenage girls undressing, Ian! Karma's a bitch and her name is Ali.

Maya St. Germain (Bianca Lawson)

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Ugh, Maya, I miss you the most out of all these fools! The girl next door aka the girl who helped Emily accept her sexuality aka the love of Emily's life aka Paige and Alison both need to go away, Maya's character was both sweet and rebellious and I feel as though she wasn't really given a chance. After being sent to True North for smoking weed (oh, PUH-LEASE), Maya's body was found at the end of the season 2 finale, leaving poor Emily a hot mess at the beginning of season 3. Though it was believed Garrett had killed both Alison and Maya for a while, that was proved false once Mona helped the Liars hack into Maya's website where they obtained clues showing that Maya was staying at Noel Kahn's cabin the night of her death. It was later discovered that Maya's killer was actually her psycho-stalker ex-boyfriend from True North, Lyndon James.

Lyndon James (Sterling Sulieman)

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Ugh, another creeper. In the third mid-season finale, "The Lady Killer," it was revealed Lyndon was actually Maya's killer. It was also revealed that his name was actually Lyndon James aka Maya's stalker ex-boyfriend from True North, after he had befriended Emily and pretended to be Maya's cousin, Nate, for the first half of season 3. Lyndon whisked Emily away to an isolated cabin in the woods where he planned to take away what was most important to her right before her eyes (aka Paige who was tied up in a closet), similar to how Emily had taken Maya away from him. Pff, womp womp. A whole chase scene ensued that led to a struggle in a lighthouse (so many struggles on this show) where Emily accidentally stabbed Lyndon with his own knife. It's okay, girl, he was craycray and it was self-defense. Good for you.

Garrett Reynolds (Yani Gellman)

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The cute Rosewood police officer whom at first appears to be an ally to the Liars aka Paolo from 'The Lizzie McGuire Movie,' Garrett was also part of the mysterious N.A.T. Club ('We See All') in high school with Ian and Jason DiLaurentis. It's discovered that he is romantically involved with Jenna, which places him at the top of the Liars' suspect list because Jenna's just a hot mess of trouble. He gets arrested in the season 2 finale for Alison's murder, but is later found innocent and released from custody. In the season 3 Halloween special, "This Is a Dark Ride," Garrett appears on the Halloween train to Spencer and reveals crucial information regarding the night of Alison's murder. However, when Aria is drugged and wakes up in a wooden box later in the episode, she finds herself lying beside Garrett's dead body. RIP Paolo.

Det. Darren Wilden (Bryce Johnson)

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The worst! The absolute worst! This little shit abused his legal authority to torment the Liars for the longest time. It all starts when he sleeps with Ashley Marin in exchange for letting Hanna off the hook after she shoplifts a pair of sunglasses. He even outs Emily as a lesbian to her friends! DISGUSTING. The Liars become especially suspicious of him after finding a photo of Wilden, Alison, and CeCe Drake on a boat in Cape May the summer Ali went missing. Then, at the end of season 3, Ashley inadvertently hits Wilden with her car and drives away following a heated confrontation. Though his body disappears by the time the Liars get to the scene, it turns up in the season 4 premiere dead as a door nail. Ashley is immediately accused and taken into custody for his murder (that pissed me off SO much. She's my favorite PLL mama), but is later found innocent after newcomer, Travis, comes forward as a witness and reveals Ashley didn't do it. Not only is CeCe revealed as Wilden's killer, we also discover he was involved with Aria's drug-induced kidnapping on the Halloween train. Good riddance, slick.

Jessica DiLaurentis (Andrea Parker)

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Okay, so Mrs. D was always a little sketchy from the beginning. Though she was played by Anna Marie DeLuise in the Pilot, the character of Ali's mom returns in season 2 to prepare a charity fashion show for her "deceased" daughter. Mrs. D always appeared sweet to the Liars and a bit distressed having lost one of her children, but you could tell she was somewhat off. When it came to the Hastings family, tension could be sensed and that came to light when it was revealed Jessica once had an affair with Peter Hastings, resulting in the birth of Jason - Alison AND Spencer's half-brother. Not only was the link between the two families stronger than ever, but we also find out Mrs. D had it out for Spencer, believing good ol' Spence was indeed the murderer. Well, that was a bunch of crap because Jessica was the one who buried her own daughter alive after witnessing Ali getting hit over the head. Mrs. D obviously knows who tried to kill Ali and attempted to protect him or her by getting rid of her daughter's body, however, A killed and buried Jessica before that information could be revealed. Sucks for Ali though, who had just returned from the grave just as mommy kicked the bucket. Oh, the irony.

Shana Fring (Aeriel Miranda)

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Like, where did you even come from? I feel as though Shana's one of those characters who is just there and unnecessarily leaves drama in her path just because. First, she had a thing with Paige, then Paige was just using her to get information on who bought those costumes from the Halloween store, then Shana was in love with Jenna (after blackmailing/seducing Toby and a thing with Garrett, I didn't even know Jenna was even into girls), but then Shana knew Alison was alive and helped her the whole time she was on the run, and it turns out that was just a cover up because Shana wanted revenge on Ali for blinding Jenna. Oye, my head hurts. And it turns out, Shana was never really A. Or was she? At this point, there are, like, 20 A's, so she was probably one of them. Who the hell knows? Either way, was it really necessary to shoot Ezra? That was the most devastating moment of my life. Shana got what she deserved though when Aria lightly tapped her and she stumbled off a three-foot stage and landed on her head. So I'm guessing that killed her. Look at all that blood! Bye forever, ShAna.

Bethany Young (?)

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What a twist this was! Bethany Young was an escaped patient from Radley who found her way to the DiLaurentis backyard and was essentially killed in place of Ali. The identity of the Jane Doe thought to be Alison's body for two years was finally revealed in the epic 100th episode, and since then, the Liars have been working hard to find out what connection Bethany holds. What we do know is that Mrs. D would visit Bethany in Radley frequently (there's Mrs. D being sketchy again!) and Bethany would draw extremely detailed, yet frightening, pictures of Mrs. D. Like, what? We later find out in the season 5 episode, "No One Here Can Love or Understand Me," that Melissa buried Bethany alive. FUGGIN MELISSA! The night of Alison's disappearance, Melissa saw Spencer in her pill-induced stupor carrying a shovel before discovering a blonde-haired body in a yellow top lying in the dirt. Immediately thinking Spencer had killed Alison with a shovel, Melissa began burying Bethany's body in an attempt to protect her little sis. YOU SHOULD'VE CHECKED HER FACE, MELISSA. Even though Melissa had unknowingly and mistakenly buried an innocent (is she though?) girl alive, the whole concept is still brilliant. Now, that's amazing television for ya.