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7 Best Streaking Moments in Sports

Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, streakers are here to stay. Forget delays, fans are usually up for some good ol' fashioned comedic relief. Here are some of the best streakers in sports history.

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The Getaway Car

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The fact that these guys had this streaking planned out so well makes it awesome. These dudes had a getaway car ready. Major props for the prep work, guys.

Soccer "Free" Kick

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This particular fan not only got the rare opportunity to dribble a ball down a professional soccer field, but also got an honest-to-goodness shot on goal with a kind goalie. I would imagine players on, say, your typical public golf course wouldn't take as kindly.

Super Bowl Streaker

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Streaking in any situation can be intense, but streaking during one of the biggest sporting events on the planet? Now that takes some serious cajones. Props to this guy who streaked during Super Bowl XXXVIII.

Sliding Into Home

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This is awesome because you get multiple streakers, and one of them even slides into home plate. Listen to how much the crowd loves them.

The Takedown

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The streaker slides into home plate, but that’s not even the best part. Seeing the ump take the streaker down is priceless though.

The Hug

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The actual storming of the field isn’t what makes this streaker memorable, it’s how soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo reacts. If all athletes reacted like this, I’m sure that we’d be seeing a lot more streakers.

The Drunk

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Alright, let’s be real, there were probably more drunks in this list than this guy, but at least this Cleveland Browns fan admits it. After making his way onto the field during a Browns loss to the hated Steelers, notorious football bad boy, James Harrison, shows the fan exactly how he feels about streakers.

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