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    • brandonadams

      many of those symptoms are caused by CIRS, which is a genetic defect in 25% of people that prevents them from properly detoxing biotoxins. Ehlers-Danlos individuals are within that subset of susceptible people: “ED III invariably have HLA DR 11-3-52B or 4-3-53” For example, the adrenaline and autonomic nervous system problems are often result of low cortisol/adrenal problems. Same with POTS because of aldersterone problems from the adrenals. The adrenal issues in CIRS are caused by biotoxin accumulation binding to leptin receptors and thereby inhibiting MSH, which decreases pituitary production of ADH, thereby causing the adrenal issues. The brain fog and intermittent phantom aches and pains are both symptoms of CIRS And the big one is CFS. That’s the number one (mis)diagnosis for people with CIRS TGFbeta-1 is the common link between ED and CIRS.  So regarding #4 on the link, I would look into CIRS, as it may be causing the worst of the symptoms mentioned See 2:45 here for discussion about hypermobility and the genetic susceptibility for CIRS: general overview here: and here for a video overview:,AAAA1DntaRk~,YesKdR7x_oaJLnmi31-mNc1pcO3qrSak&bctid=1340641155001

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