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25 Signs You Went To NYU Before It Was Trendy

Oh, you kids think walking around Washington Square Park in the snow this past week was tough? We actually did have to walk through the snow uphill, both ways, to get through that park back in our day...

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1. You've been asked for a quarter by The Quarter Guy more times than you can count (and, back then, he probably actually needed it).

2. Before the renovation, walking through WSP for class in the winter meant risking your life walking up and down the slopes near the fountain.

Sure, it looks pretty, but try to get from one side to the other without injuring yourself on that 45-degree decline...


7. Living in Brittany during the summer was basically the same as living in the hottest pit of hell.

Aw, you think that air conditioner is going to do something other than blow around hot air? That's cute...


11. You frequented “Café del ‘U’,” Delion’s, B-B-Q’s, Panchitos, Café Creole, La Margarita and Caliente Cab.

Delion's had the best jalapeño burger in town, B-B-Q's had the biggest drinks you could afford, and La Margarita was probably the first place you got drunk.


13. You remember the student-made NYU football shirts that were all the rage, and how they disappeared just as quickly as they’d appeared after the threat of a lawsuit.

Jeez, NYU, can’t you take a joke? Oh, I guess you can, because now you sell your own NYU Football shirts... Genius.


25. The friends you made there are now your New York City “family” and are part of the reason you still live in NYC today.

From boyfriends and girlfriends to weddings and babies, and in spite of moves within and outside of the country, job and career changes, and everything in between, the friends you made at NYU are friends for life, and make you glad you were a Violet. Or Bobcat. Whatever.

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