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    17 Ways Captain Von Trapp Is The Perfect Gentleman

    Bless His Homeland Forever...

    1. He's Great at Empathizing

    2. He Has Great Table Manners

    3. He's Good With Kids

    4. He Can Work a Mean Pair of Gloves

    5. He's Patient

    6. He's Musically Talented

    7. He Can Dance

    8. He Can Enjoy a Good Joke

    9. He Can Be Commanding

    10. He Can Rock a Hat

    11. He Knows When to Keep His Opinions to Himself

    12. He's Not Always Right (He's Only Human)

    13. He Can Make a Point

    14. He's Smooth

    15. He's No Nazi (Always a Bonus)

    16. As the Baroness Puts It...

    17. Perfection

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