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17 Times Lumpy Space Princess Was Everything

She's like the lumpin' best! Glob!

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1. Not Letting Her Parents Put Her Down!

2. When She Writes Trash Romance Fiction!

3. When She Pours Her Honest Heart Out To Brad! / Via Blogspot

You're too good for him, girl!

5. Showing Empathy Towards The Zombies With Her Cure!

6. She Is Generous To All Creatures Of Ooo!

7. She Has A Great Singing Voice! / Via Weebly

Audio reluctantly not included.

8. She Knows When To Not Say Mean Things To Her Friends! / Via Imgur

9. Her Makeup Skill Is Flawless!

10. She Isn't Afraid To Get Down On The Dance Floor!

11. She's Modest!

12. She Receives Compliments Like This One From Finn On The Daily!

14. She Doesn't Need No Stinkin' Beauty Sleep!

15. She Looks FRESH TO DEATH At All Times!

17. She Is Brutally Honest With Her Suitors! / Via Giphy

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