People Are Roasting Malcolm Turnbull After Donald Trump Apparently Owned Him In A Phone Call

    Trump obviously hasn't played knifey-spooney before.

    On Wednesday, the Washington Post published an explosive story about a recent phone call between Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull and president of the United States Donald Trump.

    “This was the worst call by far.”

    The two leaders were speaking to discuss a deal made in the last days of the Obama administration that would see the US take in 1,250 refugees from Australia's offshore detention network.

    "This is the worst deal ever," Trump reportedly said, before accusing the Australian prime minister of attempting to export "the next Boston bombers".

    When Turnbull attempted to change the topic to the conflict in Syria, Trump reportedly ended the call.

    In an interview on 2GB radio on Thursday afternoon, Turnbull denied Trump had hung up on him.

    "This is not a deal that [Trump] would have done or that he would regard as a good deal," he said. "But it is one he has committed to."

    Almost immediately after the Washington Post's story went live, people took to Twitter to mock the Australian prime minister for being mercilessly owned.

    Trump vaguely threatened to invade Mexico but he also told our unpopular PM his was the worst phone call so LOOK OUT

    There were plenty of Simpsons references.

    Trump: "This is the worst deal ever." Turnbull:

    Trump obviously hasn't played knifey-spooney before

    And others were just shook.

    Turnbull refuses to comment on reports that Trump hung up on him

    First, he came for Australia, and I said nothing, because I was so confused

    Most of the conversation, though, centred on the schoolyard.

    [turnbull walks to prime ministerial podium] i just spoke to president trump and i got dunked on in historic fashion

    turnbull just getting constantly dunked on this last few weeks

    i see malcolm turnbull received an atomic wedgie in the playground today. nice

    reckon trump did that LBJ powermove at took the call to turnbull while on the toilet. TURNBULL: Mr President! May I- [unending shit noises]

    [in a headlock after being wedgied] the US Australia relationship has never been stronger

    Malcolm Turnbull paid $1.7 million dollars to be bullied by Donald Trump over the phone

    And this photo, taken during Trump's phone call to Turnbull, suddenly had a new meaning.

    After THAT Washington Post story on the phone call, suddenly the photo of Trump giving the finger while speaking to…