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27 Things That Will Make Every Chef's Blood Boil

Taste before you salt.

1. Blunt knives.

2. Cross contamination by someone who has no idea what they're doing.


"I'll just stack the raw chicken right here on top of the veggies and we're done!"

3. A dirty kitchen.

4. Having to cook in someone else's kitchen.


I don't know where anything is. :(

5. Picky eaters with unrealistic expectations.

Facebook: ChefMemes

Don't order the satay chicken without satay sauce and then complain when it just tastes like boring ol' chicken.

6. When someone asks you "what's your specialty?"

Comedy Central

Cooking. Cooking is my specialty.

7. When another chef (or waiter) messes with your station and then doesn't clean it up.


8. When someone finishes the last of something and then doesn't tell anyone.

Olive Branch

Write it on the whiteboard or TELL ME.

9. Or when someone finishes the last of something AND THEN PUTS THE EMPTY CONTAINER BACK IN THE PANTRY


10. People who hover around you while you cook.

11. Someone asking for something not even on the menu.

12. Empty containers, in general, just splashin' about inside the cupboards.


13. Knives in the dishwasher.



14. Metal tongs etc. used on non-stick pans.

You are breaking my soul.

15. When someone seasons a dish without tasting first.


16. Which leads to over-salting...

17. Someone promising to clean if you cook and then not cleaning AT ALL.

Warner Bros.

18. When this happens:

19. Bags that are unsealed.

20. And things that need to be wrapped not getting wrapped. Don't do that.


21. People who ask for their meat "well done."

Facebook: ChefMemes

I get it, you're paying. You're out for a nice night. But please, please, PLEASE, don't ask me to cremate your meat.

22. People who show up just before closing.

Facebook: ChefMemes

This conjures up some of the most maniacal and sad laughters in my stomach.

23. The ticket machine not working.


24. Or leaving, coming back, and seeing someone has just let the tickets pile up.

Facebook: ChefMemes

Good one dickface.

25. When customers send back a dish because they didn't realise what their order was.


Yes, you ordered sweetbread. Yes, that's what it is. Yes, you did send it back after Googling it.

26. Trying to convince others that table salt and sea salt are very different.

27. And living with people who just don't get it.


It's not your fault, I know. But please. Please try harder.

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