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    People Can't Stop Laughing After This Guy "Offended" The Wedding Photographer

    "People have compared me in the photo to MegaMind, Zordon, Jimmy Neutron, and Roger the alien from American Dad."

    Mike Tague and his boyfriend, Andrew, recently acted as ushers at a friend's wedding in the woods of Pennsylvania.

    Mike was best friends with the bride in high school and jumped at the chance to get involved. So he and his boyfriend left their home in New York City and headed to the wedding.

    A few days after the wedding, the bride got back her pictures and immediately sent Mike this photo. "We died laughing at it," Mike said.


    In the picture, Mike and Andrew are sitting at their table. As you can see, Andrew (left) looks pretty normal, but Mike's image has been, uh...distorted by a glass. It's pretty funny.

    Mike tweeted out the photo over the weekend and it went insanely viral. So far it has over 50,000 retweets and more than 200,000 likes.

    Should I make this my new profile pic?

    “People have been sending me versions of it from different Instagram meme accounts," said Mike.

    @majtague The photographer was simply crushing on the cutie next to you and threw shade at you for sitting by him

    "I thought my friends and family would get a kick out of it, but clearly, this dumb photo speaks to people for some reason.”

    @majtague This is the best photo I’ve ever seen

    Since his tweet went viral Mike's mentions have been a bit of a mess. He's received a bunch of unsolicited advice to never wear a bow tie again (he thinks they're fun) and also a bunch of comparisons to TV characters.

    who knew that all I had to do to go viral was humiliate myself for the world’s enjoyment?


    @majtague @McKelvie It looks fine to me.

    brb on my way to summon the Rangers

    And in an effort to make him feel better, someone even morphed Mike's boyfriend as well:

    @majtague @buntyhoven Hope this, in some way, helps you through today. Stay strong.

    Mike doesn't think the photographer actually had it out for him — but a bunch of people on Twitter do. "A few photographers have told me that the wedding snapper definitely knew what she was doing," he said.

    This photographer hates me because

    “I like to think she just has a really good sense of humour and figured it would be a funny shot to share."