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Australian Celebrities Record Protest Song For Refugee Children In Detention

Ita Buttrose, Margaret Pomeranz and more come together for the We're Better Than This Australia campaign.

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The We're Better Than This campaign launched today, in an effort to stop the indefinite detention of more than 700 refugee children by the Australian government.

The organisation's website has shocking figures that highlight the issues surrounding children in detention.

The site also has dozens of videos from activists, writers, actors, and other personalities vowing their support.

Australia does not tolerate individuals who are cruel to kids.Australia is no longer blind to institutional child abuse. We shine light deep into the dark corners of even the most venerated and powerful institutions.And yet, Australia locks up innocent, traumatised children without trial; indefinitely, and under a tightly woven cloak of secrecy.Our Government has created detention centres—deterrence camps—on Christmas Island, Nauru and on our own soil. There, the treatment of children is so inhumane and the conditions so appalling that leading Australian psychiatrists and paediatricians have been moved to speak out in a voice unprecedented in their profession.These camps contravene international human rights conventions to which Australia is signatory.We are better than this.

You can check out the campaign here, buy the song here, and tell your MP to set the children free here.

And watch the video here.

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