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Usain Bolt Smiled For The Camera Mid-Race And It Became A Meme

Posing for photos mid-race since '08.

The world's fastest man, Usain Bolt, competed in the men's 100-metre semifinal today just 30 minutes before winning gold in the final, and breezed past the competition with absolute ease. So much so, he took time to turn his head and give his competitors a cheeky smile.

Now people are using Bolt's semifinal finish as the perfect source for memes.

when your mom keeps bugging you about grandkids and you're like what was that mom I couldn't hear you over the crowd

when you write a provocative tweet and then sign off

🎶 Making my way downtown walking fast 🎶

bae: "come over" bolt: "can't, gotta run the 100" bae: "my parents aren't home"

"Had you shook with that slow start, didn't I?"

It's actually really unfair just how hard the other runners tried, while Bolt strolled across the finish line with a smile.

Bolt continues to make the 100-metre sprint look like something he does on Sunday afternoon with his mates.

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