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Australian Rapper Responds To Jimmy Fallon Telling People To “Not Play” His Music

"We're in a small world, I can hear anything anyone says about me."

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Australian rapper and viral sensation Bangs has responded to Jimmy Fallon in a new song, "Response to Jimmy Fallon - Do Not Watch," after the talk show host included the artist in a segment titled "Do Not Play."

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"Do Not Play" is described as Jimmy highlighting "music you should avoid."

Speaking to BuzzFeed News, Bangs said Fallon had disrespected him, and that his track was a direct response to the talk show host to "see what he will say about it."

The segment in question occurred last week, and also included Jazzie Redd's "I Am a Dope Fiend."

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Bangs is originally from Sudan, and immigrated to Australia in 2003. The rapper has recently toured New Zealand and uploads new music to his YouTube channel regularly.