The 37 Trashiest Things That Have Ever Happened

We live in a beautiful world. It’s just…kinda gross sometimes.

1. When Macklemore showed up to a gig “in disguise.”

2. And when these two showed up to the FIFA World Cup dressed up as “Ghana.”

3. This simple life cycle.

5. The dress made of Kraft Singles.

6. The whole Anne Frank vs. Justin Bieber debacle.

7. When Miley Cyrus killed Hannah Montana for good.

Poor Billy Ray ...

— andyroddick (@andyroddick)

8. The two girls who dressed as the Twin Towers for Halloween.

What bellends would dress as the twin towers for Halloween? Shameful.

— Josh Williams (@Josh_Williams94)

9. The “only worn once” edible panties. That you can buy.

10. The guy who wears white women around his neck like a scarf.

11. When Fox News ran this:


12. Justin Bieber’s deposition video.


13. This mailbox.

14. The invention of camouflage Crocs.

15. This classy car decal.

16. And this car.

17. This announcement.

19. These two bonding over their new jewelry.

20. This guy trying to pull off the Benihana experience at home.

22. And this tattoo.

23. This reminder.

24. The marriage of your past and present.

25. And this mother.

26. This guy asking for fashion advice.

27. The ever popular ownership tattoo.

28. This innovation of modern engineering.

29. And these girls, who had one CcCCCccrAaaAAAzZZzZyyYY year.

30. This woman in a bath of…donuts?

31. These “well used sex toys.”

32. This guy always lookin’ for the perfect selfie.

33. This “graduation from court.”

34. This girl doing anything for a #followback.

35. This pregnant party (with free drinks!)

36. This mother of the year.

37. And ANYTHING to do with swag.

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