This Dude Is Only Eating Potatoes For A Year And Already Lost 10 Kilos

    Experts say it probably won't end well.

    This is the face of a man who plans to only eat potatoes for an entire year.

    Andrew Flinders Taylor, who started his "Spud Fit" experiment on 1 January, is hoping to change his relationship with food and fix his self-declared "food addiction" by eating nothing but potatoes for 366 days.

    He's been filming updates on his project via YouTube and Facebook, uploading videos and photos showing his progress.

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    "The bulk, 99% of my calories will come from potatoes ... and then I'll just have seasoning and stuff on them," he says in his first video.

    "The last couple of years I've not been anywhere near as fit and active as I'd like to be. Today I weighed myself and as expected I'm the heaviest I've ever been, which is 151.7kg... So I'm not happy about that."

    "It came from the idea that I was a food addict," Taylor told BuzzFeed News. "If you're a drug addict or an alcoholic, you quit the drugs or alcohol. But you can't quit food. So I just thought I should find one type of food and stick with it."

    Taylor cooks his spuds in a variety of ways. "I don't have any oil," he said. "I use minimal amounts of herbs and spices. The point is not to make interesting food, it's to make uninteresting food so I don't have to think about it."

    So far, Taylor has lost 10kg. But he's also quick to remind the public Spud Fit is "just a project."

    Joseph Proietto, professor of medicine at Melbourne University, told BuzzFeed News that Taylor's Spud Fit program was "a very unhealthy thing to do".

    Proietto said Taylor's weight loss was probably down to genetics.

    "Weight is a very strongly genetic thing," Proietto said. "We have demonstrated that following weight loss, the person becomes increasingly hungry due to a biological mechanism. We have hormones that control hunger, and the levels of these hormones vary after weight loss."

    Although Taylor says he has more energy after one month of eating nothing but potatoes, Proietto said this was probably because he hasn't become deficient in vital vitamins and minerals just yet.

    Proietto said: "It would probably [start to go wrong] after three to four months. It's hard to say."

    Charlene Crosse, spokesperson for the Dietitians Association of Australia, had a similar take on the Spud Fit regime.

    "If you only ate potato it would be hard to get all your vitamins and minerals – they're all essential," she said. "The body needs 40 different nutrients, and there isn't one food that will give you all that.

    "He's getting carbohydrates from the potato, what our bodies use as energy, but he's not getting protein. So, y'know, your body at some point isn't going to cope with not getting the balance.

    "At the end of the day, what enjoyment is there in only eating potato each day?"

    Weight loss was never the ultimate goal for Taylor, who says improving his lifestyle and "relationship with food" are the most important things to come out of the Spud Fit project. It also helps that he's only spending about $5 a day on food.

    You can like Spud Fit on Facebook here, and follow Taylor's YouTube updates here.