21 People Who Have No Idea What’s Going On

And they probably never will.

1. This person who doesn’t know who Kurt Cobain is.

Hint: Kurt Cobain is not Billy Ray Cyrus.

2. This kid painting a “St. Patty’s Day Hat.”

3. This WTF church.

5. This woman.

I mean, I guess you could argue she knew exactly what she was doing. But she went about it the wrong way.

6. And this mother.

7. This YouTuber.

8. This teacher and her three balloons.

(They look like a penis.)

11. Whoever thought these were the right flags.

12. This woman at the gym.

13. The only guy on the cheer squad.


14. This guy.


16. This lady who spends her time driving around the city wondering why people keep catcalling her.

17. This guy in the background just brushin’ thin air.

18. The person who didn’t quite get the high they were after.

19. These guys who met “Pitbull.”

20. And the girl who though she met that dude from The Hangover.

21. And Gary Busey at a strip club.

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