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This Cockatoo Was Rescued After She Was Battered By A Huge Cyclone And People Are So Happy

Named after the cyclone that terrorised her, Debbie the cockatoo has had one hell of a week.

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Debbie the cockatoo was rescued on Tuesday night from the terrifying winds of a category four tropical cyclone in far north Queensland, Australia.

Debbie the cockatoo looking much better today thanks to @JohnAndooutback @tsv_bulletin #CycloneDebbie…

People were devastated by photos that showed the soaked cockatoo with feathers missing and huddled in a blanket, shortly after being brought inside from the treacherous conditions.

The picture of the poor cockatoo caught in cyclone debbie has made me sad :( (not retweeting the picture)

poor thing 😨 #CycloneDebbie #cockatoo

I can't get the image of that poor devastated cockatoo out of my head. Poor cocky.

Celebrity vet Chris Brown wrote on Facebook about the sulfur-crested cockatoo on Tuesday night, confirming the little battler was alive and resting in a hotel room with Alix Sweeney, the photographer who found Debbie under fallen branches in a state of shock.

Facebook: dcbpets

On Wednesday morning Townsville locals woke to the cockatoo on the front page of the newspaper. It was confirmed that she had survived the night.

Wednesday's Townsville Bulletin front page.

Debbie's rescuer and Townsville Bulletin photographer Alix Sweeney looked after the distraught cockatoo overnight.

For those worried about this cockatoo, rest assured it's being looked after by our photographer :)…

People on Facebook praised Sweeney, thanking her for looking after the cockatoo and wishing Debbie well.

There was also a small movement to name the rescued cockatoo "Feathers McFuck".

extremely glad that the punters are embracing the name i decided to give a cockatoo in an article about it being re…

honestly this is making me so happy, i love my stupid job

Feathers McFuck lives to birb another day.

Sweeney kept Debbie the cockatoo warm overnight by wrapping her in a towel.

"After having a bit of a rest he seems really active now," she told the Townsville Bulletin.

BuzzFeed News has contacted Sweeney for comment.

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